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Have you ever had or applied for an extension in the past through Gayle Staffing, USA Chatline, Pso Girls ,FantasyChatRecruiting, Brownwood LTD, or any other affiliated company?
(IF SO WHEN YOU ARE RE-SUBMITTING your info to get re-hire please list at the end of your submitted info ( please resubmit ).
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To apply for one of our Phone Operator positions please e-mail us the following information below. We will respond back to you ASAP with more info & contact you asap. If any questions please do email (Rose ) at ( IM )
Copy and paste info below in an email or call 336 298 2093

  Please email the application below to

*Please note that all information must be completed in the application in order to be processed to work. All information is confidential and kept private, it is for payroll purposes only. ( We are hiring all over the US except not in NY, Ca,Hawaii, alaska ) APPLY if you can begin with in 24-72 hrs.

(1) What is your Name? ( 1st & last ,for payrol process. NO nick names listed please. Must be formal name. Customer will not have your info or ect..)

(2)What is your Email Address?

(3)What is your full Address? (No applications accepted from the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, New York, or California,)

(4)What is your Date of Birth?

(5)What Phone # will you be excepting calls when working? Your telephone number must be the number on which you will receive your incoming chat line calls and it will be entered into the chat usa system. IT CANNOT BE A CELLULAR NUMBER !

(6)What is a phone # inwhich you can be contacted?

(7)Position applying for: Phone Actress OR phone actor (gay line)?

(8)Are you currently employed?

(9)Do you intend to work full or part time? ( What hours around each day can you work?)

(10)Have you ever worked at home? List?

(11) Where did you see our ad listed?

(12) On a scale 1-10 how serious are you about working ???_____( (We only want ladies who are willing to at the least work 10 hrs a week ))

(13) Are you a new hire or are you trying to get re-hired with Usa Chat ?

(14) Do you understand the payscale?
(Phone Chat (Actresses)
If you have 40 calls or more for the week ending and your average hold time on all calls is:
10 minute or higher , .40 cents a minute

9 minute or higher , .30 cents a minute

8 minute or higher, .17 cents a minute

7 minute or higher, .12 cents a minute

Regardless of number of calls

Less than 6 minute hold time , .07 cents a minute
6 minute hold time or greater, .10 cents a minute

All Accounts Payable start Monday @12:00am (Eastern Standard Time) to Sunday @ 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time) Funds are mailed the following Friday Amounts under $25.00 will be held and carried over until over $25.00 then automatically sent

1. I confirm that I am over 18 years old and that the above details are correct. Falsifying any information on an application will cause the application to be rejected and is considered a criminal offense punishable by law.

2. I confirm that I am giving PSO Staffing permission to refer my application and details to USA Chatlines for processing.

3. I confirm that if accepted by USA Chatlines I will be working as a Freelance Contractor and that I will be responsible for declaring any earning on my Annual Tax Return to the IRS.

4. Any incomplete application will be rejected.

You will receive a confirmation email from PSO Staffing when your application has been submitted to USA Chatlines for processing. :) Please email for more information or if any questions.


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