Tarot Cards Reading, Learn Tarot EASY, Learn to Read Tarot EASY, Learn Astrology, and MORE....Plus Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, FREE Numerology

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Tarot Cards Reading, Learn Tarot EASY, Learn to Read Tarot EASY, Learn Astrology, and MORE....Plus Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, FREE Numerology

Do you want to be psychic ,read tarot cards ,or just know more whats going on with your zodiac ??

Poor health? Money or job trouble? Are you unhappy in your Married life? Do you have problems? Health ? Need to find the right person ? Find the right job for your sign that your happy in ? Are you lonely, heartbroken, or depressed? Do you want to know yourself or others? Just need to know more ? Need to educate your shelf more with your own talents? Does bad luck follow you? Do you want to know how you can have success and good fortune in life? If you answered yes to one of these questions you NEED the Psychic Packet Info! Why go through life miserable and in sorrow when you can be loved, happy, and satisfied?

UPDATED for 2017 *****
ON SALE for $ 35 NOW

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PRINTABLE Tarot, Learning Tarot EASY, Learn Tarot Learn Astrology and MORE, Psychic Reading Work as a Psychic, Tarot Information and Divination Tool

For $35 you can be able to receive all these materials to help you know how to read and make your own tarot cards, Also how to read poker cards for readings, astrology, numerology, spells, traits of all signs,time line readings and much more. This is a great savings @ $45 dollars . Email worldbiz7@gmail.com if any questions .

ORDER NOW : You will receive all information with 2-12hrs ASAP to download.

Here's a list of everything you will receive: It is a very large amount of info to keep you busy and interested always.

*Your own 78 Tarot Cards With Meanings and how to use (also information for tarot spreads)
*How To Read poker Cards and make your own set
*mom dad Atro
*life after death
*about your name
*children astrology
* Astrology for health & diet
* Psychic Reader Learning How
* Dream Analaysis & Interpretation
* Dreams -What Are They Telling You?
* More Info for Dreams
* Dream Dictionary - The Meaning of Symbols
* Tarot Cards
* Astrology ,Career, Money
* General Character Traits
* How To Read Cards
* Mom and Dad Astro
* Help Full Psychic Links lots of them to learn from on all areas (9 pages)
* Time Line Readings
*Sample Readings
*Suggestions for improving Reading
*Time Line Reading
*Zodiac Signs
*Info on spells
*parenting style Astro
*Major A meanings
*Understanding Dreams
*How to make your own Tarot cards ,wordings for each card
*How to make your own reading cards from poker cards ( meanings for all)
*Tarot helpers: cheat card
*Physical Attributes with Playing Cards
*Interpretations no illustrations
*Que rent Contact Sheet
*Telling Time with Playing Cards
*Tarot card game
*Best Career for Your Zodiac Sign
*Full Detail About Your Sign...
*Bad Habits by Signs
* Traits
* Your birth date describes who you are
* Telling Time with Playing Cards
* Palmistry

There is so MUCH information in this packet you will not be dissatisfied. You will know more about YOU AND the others around you too. You will even be able to give family and friends readings. You will be so amazed and entertained by all.

We will also except money order for $ 35. You will need to make sure to send your name and email address . ( Your order will be emailed)
Mail to: Lynn Dawson 2669 windy ridge road North Wlkesboro, NC 28659


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