Live Webcam Performers NEEDED ,Work From Home
Live Webcam Performers NEEDED ,Work From Home


Web cam models wanted for Adult Web cam World - Earn money online with your cam
If you have a pc + web cam + a fast internet connection at home like cable or dsl then you can apply to be one of the Adult Web cam World girls. This way you can make money online. You can work where ever you want, you will be your own boss. Our payout rate is 50% on all sales. We will provide you with an exellent system , server and lots of visitors. Do you think you can get our customers into your private chat by teasing them in your free teaser chat ?

� Web cam models wanted for WeCanHireYou Web cam - Earn money online with your cam .

The Web cam frequently asked questions page

If you have any questions regarding Web cam for WeCanHireYou , please read our f.a.q. first before contacting us. Whether you have questions about starting as a web cam model or all ready busy as adult web cam model, there may be a good chance you will find the answer to your question here...

When working for WeCanHireYou

Frequently asked questions

How can I become a web cam model ?
Apply at

What do I need to turn in to sign up to work ?

1- 1 Color copy of valid form of identification
(Passport - Identity card - Drivers license)
� At least one form of I.D. MUST have a photo and birth date. This ID must also be government issued.
� Passport, drivers license, or government issued ID cards are accepted. No postal ID�s will be accepted.
� We reserve the right to reject any ID or request additional IDs as needed.
� If emailed, ID�s must be in the form of .GIF, .JPG. All ID�s must be in color, black and white images will not be accepted

2-Unique Model alias and password

� Your model alias can be no longer than 12 letters or numbers.
� No commas, underscores, spaces, etc. are allowed.
� Submit a minimum of 3 choices for your model alias. If your requested alias is not available, we will have to assign one to you. Submitting at least 3 choices will help ensure we come close to your requested model alias.

3-FORMS Needed: cover form

4-Upload Alluring and sexy photo of yourself (Head Shot is good ) . NO nude shots . Can be in sexy outfit.
� Photo must include your face (no hardcore shots).
� This image will be used to promote your live shows. Image must be larger than 200x150 pixels.
� If emailed, photos must be in the form of .GIF, .JPG. Photos sent by fax will not be accepted.

((( You should choose a very nice photo of yourself because this is the first picture of you that your potential clients will see in the model gallery. )))


Question : What is a web cam model?

A web cam model chats in free chat teasing and getting to know customers. As a web cam model you want to get them into your private room . That is were you shine and make money. Some guys just want sex and some what you as a girlfriend someone to care about them. You may do what ever the customer is wanting to do or see. You may have adult toys for him to see you with for his enjoyment. If you are not comfortable doing something always let the customer know up front . Exhibiting in the safety of your own home, providing entertainment for others, and being able to express your sensual side, are just some of the benefits of being an adult web cam model. The money can be very good . Web cam models enjoy flexible hours and great pay. Models are paid weekly and on time always. How many stories did you hear about girls who have worked her way through the college as stripper? But the web cam business is better & better payed and the most important thing SAFER.

How much can I earn as a web cam model?
Yes , some models make a lot of money. But that really depends on many factors. Some of these factors are for example :

The quality of your web cam (hardware)
The speed of your internet connection
Your attitude is really important. Advice is Smile a lot !
Your lightning in the room, make the room look sexy !
The way you are dressed and your looks. Nice Lingerie works !

Question: Are there any fees or charges to me to start work ?
No none at all .You work you get paid.

What are the technical requirements?
You don't need a top of the bill computer to join us. These are the minimum requirements :

Pentium 2 400MHz or faster PC with Win98 or better
Camcorder or Web Camera
Broadband Internet Connection

How do I get paid ?

By chatting with our members in a private or semi private or voyeur show. All models start in public chat, where we provide the traffic. It is your job to entice our members to take you to the private, semi private or voyeur shows. Payments are weekly by WeCanHireYou. Earnings Must be at the least of $100. .Earnings under $100 are held and rolled over till achieved then sent out on that next pay week.

Question : What is the pay rate?

$1.25 US per minute in private chat only

Semi-Private Minutes Unlimited Users - $0.75 US Per Minute
Voyeur Minutes Unlimited Viewers Video Only of Private $0.25 US Per Minute

With our model incentive program you can self promote for an extra 1.00 per minute . You can also earn MORE with tips from customers for teasing .

Receive TIPS

Question: What are the ways I can make money with your site as a webcam host?

1. Private Show - An intimate performance between only you and your customer.
2. Semi-Private Show - An unlimited number of viewers, with the option to receive a Semi-Private Show while you are in a Private Show or not.
3. Voyeur Show -A customer can purchase a Voyeur Show with you whether you are in a show or not. He will be able to see your video but not your chat. An unlimited number of viewers can watch your performance at the same time.
4. VIP PEEKS - Make your homepage with screen shots of your Private Shows and make money without doing anything!
5: Shelf promote for $1.00 extra on top of your pay.

How long will it be before I receive my first check?
We send out checks weekly .

Do I have to work a certain schedule or minimum number of hours per week?

No. You can work whenever you want. Our site runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We suggest you try and keep to the hours you post. It's all up to you.

What type of Content can I show in my room?
Answer: First of all you must follow all of our model rules and as long as you do not break your local obscenity laws, you have nothing to worry about.

Question :What room in my home should I work in ?

Any room you are comfortable in. Ideally you should perform from a bed or couch, with the webcam as close as possible. We recommend you work 12" inches to 18" inches from your webcam. Your chat room must look professional at all times. It is recommended to have a nice background.Decorate your chat-room or put up a dark colored sheet for the back ground.

Question: What do i wear??

Working from an area where people can see a full body view is VERY important, Heels,Stockings, Bikini, matching Bra and Panties etc. Something revealing but not showing full nudity. See through outfits work really well.

Can I do shows with my girlfriend?

Yes, We do allow female/female shows. The model you do the two girl show with must be registered with us, and a 3rd room must be created by us for you both to work in.

Question: Can customer email me ?

Yes with in the site you will have a private messaging in which you can email and receive messages from your customers. You should never give out from out site of the message system your other email used for personal use.

Question: Is performing legal?

Yes, As long as you are not breaking any obscenity laws in your community.

Question: How much does it cost to sign up as a model?

There are no fees for signing up as a model. We offer all technical support.

Question: What kind of Internet connection do I need?

We recommend cable modem or DSL. (Must be high speed) 200k upload minimum

Question: What are the minimum computer system requirements to do this?

We recommend a 400MHZ processor or better with a minimum 128MB ram. You will also need a web cam or (video camera with a capture card).

Question: Is it easy to hook-up a camera to my computer?

Yes. USB web cams are very simple to install. Video cameras with a capture card are only slightly more difficult to get set up but the quality of picture is much better, and this is recommended.

Question: Are there any reasons that would cause to terminate my performer account?

Yes, if you break any of the model rules or if your account has been inactive for more than a year.

Question: What is considered valid ID?

Any valid (not expired) government issued picture ID with your birth date printed on it and expiry listed. Scanned and e-mailed only!

Do you accept models from other countries?

Yes we do accept models from other countries. There are no exceptions, all models from all countries in the world are invited to join our webcam system.

Question: Can I block other countries from viewing me online working?

Question: What type of shows are allowed?
This depends on your comfort level. We do allow full erotic nude shows.

Question: Will I be able to check my stats with time worked and amount made ?
Yes, data is updated at the conclusion of each private chat session in your Model account page.You will be able to log in to your account and all data will show how many shows you performed and what is owed to you.

Question: Can I use a microphone to chat to customers?

Yes, the Live software allows for you to talk directly with your customer via your PC�s microphone and in fact guys love to hear your sexy voice. Remember that most guys are visual and that when you talk to them, you can create a scenario in their mind by describing every little detail about what you are doing. Create a picture in your customer's mind that will take lots of minutes to describe. You can also use a hand less head set with microphone, to give the ultimate customer experience and not type at all.

How long does it take to get my account activated?

Usually we can activate an account within 12-24 hours, if all the documents you send us are correct. You will receive an email from us when your account is activated. Once your account is activated you can start earning money with your web cam. If you have any questions related to any problems after activation, then checkout the FAQ after activation.

Question: Is my information kept confidential ?
Yes. Nobody is given access to your personal information besides Administrators. You will use an alias as your stage name. Your personal information will be kept 100% anonymous.

Question: Can clients find out where I am located?
Definitely not. All personal information about you remains private, and your IP address is not accessible or identifiable by clients or website visitors.

Question: How many hours I need work a week?
You can basically work as many or as little hours as you want. We encourage you to work at least 25 hours a week so you can build a customer base so when you are live; you have recurring customers that know you.

When do I earn any money?

Basically you will earn money whenever a member takes you into a private chat, when members enter your member chat or when our visitors use the voyeur option. A user can take you into private chat by pressing a button in his free chat screen. You will notice that when he presses this button, because your own model chat screen will change. When this happens a question is raised, just press close on the first question and then click on the red letters on your chat screen. If all is okay you will go to the private chat. After the user leaves the private chat you will see a message 'Member left the chat' , you can then go back to free chat or member chat. In member chat you will get paid as soon as the first member enters this 'member chat' , remember that in member chat more then one member can enter simultaneously, and you will get paid for each member in this chat option. Whenever a user decides to be a voyeur (which is an option when you are in member or private chat) you will not notice this yourself. You will only see the use of the voyeur option in your reports!

How can a member go to private chat?

When a member is in your private chat he has the option to go to a private chat with you. The only thing he has to do is click the button on top of his chat screen "Take me private" Then he gets a question if he wants to pay by phone or pay by credits. After he answered this question he can enter your private chat.

What is free chat?

This is the other option you will see when you connect to the chat. Free chat is a non nude chat area in which the members can chat with you for free. This is a great way to impress the users and convince them to take you into private chat. On the Internet this feature is also known as teaser chat. A user can invite you to a private web cam session in which he can get more intimate.

When you are in private chat with a user then other users can watch the show via the 'be a voyeur' option. You will not see these users in your chat screen, but you will find them in your reports later.

How do I kick out members from my chat room?

Sometimes it happens that members misbehave or insult you in any way possible. You are in control and you can kick out or ban members from your chat room.

You can hit a mute button or also contact customer service .

Question: Will I receive tips or a manual to help me succeed with this job?
Yes we do give you a manual once your user name is activated . We also send tip out though out the week. Anytime you have questions or need suggestions we are always here to help you or are customer support.

Here are some tips for right now.

Always dress to impress. Wear your make-up and a sexy lingerie outfit. Try to start with at least three pieces of lingerie and three nice but not too revealing outfits.

Try working different times of the day. The internet is a 24/7 marketplace and web cam models are needed for all times of the day.

Use a microphone. Most customers will want to hear you.

For any other questions please contact us : 336 298 2093

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